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Travelling in and around Wembley Park

Cycling in Wembley Park

Welcome to Wembley Park, the most cycle-friendly neighbourhood in North West London! We're not just about our scenic pedestrian routes, wide tree-lined promenades, and iconic landmarks, we're proud of our vibrant and active cycling community, too.

Wembley Park’s Active Travel Team has gone the extra mile to ensure the neighbourhood is a cyclist's dream. With over 400 cycle spaces in public areas and nearly 7,000 resident cycle spaces, you'll never have to worry about secure storage for your bike.

Involvement in the community is key to us. Every year, we frequently host cycling awareness events, collaborating with local schools. In 2022 alone, we helped train nearly 70 children, some of whom had never cycled before. We also regularly organise cycling events in our public realm for families and children to get involved in.

To guide your Wembley Park cycling journey, we've made detailed, downloadable maps, covering everything from shared routes with pedestrians to designated cycle lanes, cycle parking and bus stops.

Begin your two-wheeled adventure

  1. Fix Your Cycle

    Bike being repaired at Fix Your Cycle in Wembley Park

    Head to Fix Your Cycle to pick up a new bike or for all your fixes and workshops.

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  2. Bicycle Repair Station

    Bike Repairs Station in Wembley Park

    On Weaver Walk you can find a Bicycle Repair Station for on-the-go fixes.

Brent Council offers a plethora of resources and services to help you make the most of your cycling experience.

Try a Bike for a Month Are you new to cycling? No worries! With Brent Council's bike rental scheme, you can try a bike in Wembley Park and across London for just £20 a month, complete with all the necessary accessories. It's a hassle-free and affordable way to kick-start your cycling journey.

Cycle Routes To help you explore Brent on two wheels, Brent Council provides links to maps of cycle-friendly routes. These maps are a perfect companion to our Wembley Park cycling maps, guiding your journey across the borough.

Cycling for Children Brent Council supports the younger generation of cyclists, too! You can find comprehensive information about how children can safely enjoy cycling in Brent, just like the 70 children we trained at our cycling awareness event.

BMX Track Got a need for speed and stunts? Brent is home to a fantastic BMX track in Chalkhill. You can find all the details on Brent Council's website.

Cycling in Wembley Park and Brent is more than just transportation – it's about community, health, exploration, and sustainable living. So grab your bike, or rent one, and let the cycling adventure begin. Happy cycling!

Sustainable Travel in Wembley Park

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Walking in Wembley Park

No matter if you're heading to the Stadium or to the tube, or just stopping off at your favourite restaurant to grab a bite to eat, Wembley Park is fully accessible with everything being 10 minutes of less to walk - and the neighbourhood has full step-free access!