One in Four by Frank Styles on the Spanish Steps at Wembley Park

One in Four by Frank Styles

Spanish Steps Photography and painting on vinyl print, 2020

Since 2018, the Spanish Steps have become an open-air canvas for public art commissions. The latest of the series, One in Four, was produced by North-East based spraycan artist Frank Styles in March 2020. The artwork, co-commissioned with mental health charity Mind, raises awareness about the importance of mental health, a topic that has only increased in importance since the COVID-19 pandemic. A series of 12 portraits run down the steps; viewed from head-on, three of the portraits on each section of the stairs are visible, but the fourth can be seen only if you look over from the adjacent flight. The work symbolises that it sometimes requires a shift in perspective to understand mental health problems and how they can affect one in four of us

Artist Bio

A multidiscipline artist based in the North East of England, covering the UK and Europe, specialising in large scale anamorphic artworks in paint and vinyl. Frank Styles is a freehand spray painter based in North East England.

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