House of Bilimoria, sustainable cultural textiles at Second Floor Studios in Wembley Park

House of Bilimoria

House of Bilimoria is a luxury clothing brand with a focus on up-cycling and bespoke, custom-made clothing for women, children and brides.

All garments are handcrafted with love as owner Shilpa Bilimoria embraces her heritage after coming from a family of tailors.

As well as creating tailored clothing, House of Bilimoria also offers a luxury alteration and restyling service. This is designed to make your existing wardrobe fit impeccably to transform how you look and feel.

Behind the brand

The brand is built on two key concepts, family heritage and strong values. House of Bilimoria wants to stop the loop of garments just ending up in landfills. This is why they offer a ‘reincarnation’ programme in which customers can return an item of clothing once they're finished with it. They then receive a 30% voucher in return.

Ethics, sustainability, community and culture are the core values of the brand. This is why the team use second hand, vintage and heirloom textiles to create their pieces and there is a real focus on the ethics of creation, ensuring that all workers are treated fairly and with respect.

About the founder

Shilpa Bilimoria is the Founder and Creative Director of House of Bilimoria. Born in Surrey, BC, to Gujarati parent and now living in London, she is a 1st generation immigrant exploring her hybrid cultural identity through her work.

Coming from a family of tailors, her journey into the world of textiles began at a young age. Her love for making was a learnt skill from her childhood having watched her grandparents and then parents make clothes for her and others.

Shilpa believes it’s important to create a sustainable, ethical brand with a focus on empathy for people from all walks of life. Her missions and beliefs have seen her take on exciting events in the past, such as keynote speaker at International Women’s Day events and sustainability panellist at various wedding fairs.

She was also the style ambassador for the opening of the London Designer Outlet and the new Wembley Park market ambassador between 2013 and 2015.

About Second Floor Studios & Arts (SFSA)

Second Floor Studios & Arts (SFSA) is a leading arts organisation and the group opened the new studios in Wembley Park in 2018. The initiative was delivered through a partnership with Quintain, the developers behind Wembley Park and the support of Brent Council.

Second Floor Studios & Arts, has been supporting artists with affordable studio workspace since 1997. There are currently four SFSA sites across in the UK with over 175 studio members, including Wembley Park.