Artwork of 10 Downing Street by Pascal Fessler from Second Floor Studios at Wembley Park

Pascal Fessler

Pascal Fessler is an artist who primarily creates chiaroscuro atmospheres through his work.

Offering sketches and paintings, his art is available on canvas, Kraft paper and watercolour paper and his weapons of choice are ink and acrylic paint.

As well as using chiaroscuro in his paintings and sketches, Fessler has also created cartoons and erotic artwork. Over the years he has created a varied and interesting portfolio of works and has been a part of many exhibitions across the world.

Behind the brand

Fessler is colourblind which is one of the reasons he is obsessed with chiaroscuro and playing around with light and colours. Much of his work has been influenced by black and white thrillers and horror movies from the 1960s.

He often chooses to incorporate chiaroscuro styles where light rips through the darkness in his paintings and sketches. He does this to show optimism - finding the light in the dark if you will. What’s more, Fessler himself has said that his work is:

“Based on the introspection of human relationships or rather non-relationships. It depicts superficiality, solitude symbolically expressed by the opposition of organic versus non-organic, light and darkness and archetypes inspired from Greek mythology.”

He views his artwork as a type of therapy; a way for him to deal with ghosts and emotions from the past.

About the founder

Pascal Fessler is a colourblind artist from Geneva, where he also studied art. However, he grew up in New York City and currently works between London and Geneva. His past very much influences the work he does now and his paintings and sketches have been showcased across the globe since the early 1980s.

From Gallery Cluny in Geneva (1984) to The Bricklane Gallery in London (2015) his work has been enjoyed in exhibitions for decades. Now based in Wembley Park, he doesn't appear to be slowing down.

About Second Floor Studios & Arts (SFSA)

Second Floor Studios & Arts (SFSA) is a leading arts organisation and the group opened the new studios in Wembley Park in 2018. The initiative was delivered through a partnership with Quintain, the developers behind Wembley Park and the support of Brent Council.

Second Floor Studios & Arts, has been supporting artists with affordable studio workspace since 1997. There are currently four SFSA sites across in the UK with over 175 studio members, including Wembley Park.