Ceramic artwork by Sayegh & Sayegh from Second Floor Studios in Wembley Park

Sayegh & Sayegh

Sayegh & Sayegh create a unique range of sculptures that are inspired by the extraordinary beauty of the natural world.

The team is made up of sisters Rula and Ula who use their art to express their appreciation for nature.

As well as creating beautiful sculptures, the sisters also run ceramics workshops in their studio in Wembley Park. So whether you're an artist looking to refine your skills or you're just looking for a fun activity, they’ve got everyone covered.

Behind the brand

The sisters are intrigued by natural versus man-made environments and this has influenced their work. In particular, their fascination with:

  • Sustainable solutions
  • Environments and habitats
  • Innovation and bio-mimicry

By exploring the diverse natural world from its simplest structural forms right up to multi-cellular organisms, the sisters have created sculptures and authentic pieces of art that push boundaries and stimulate senses.

For sister Ula, biological systems continue to amaze her and her work with ceramics reflect her expertise in these organic forms.

Meet the founders

Ula and Rula Sayegh are sisters with a shared passion and they established Sayegh & Sayegh in 2017 to explore this.

Rula Sayegh graduated with a diploma from the Architectural Association in London and Ula earned a degree in Biology before pursuing a Masters degree in Public Health Nutrition.

Their combined interests in architecture and the desire to express and interpret organic structures led to this exciting partnership.

About Second Floor Studios & Arts (SFSA)

Second Floor Studios & Arts (SFSA) is a leading arts organisation and the group opened the new studios in Wembley Park in 2018. The initiative was delivered through a partnership with Quintain, the developers behind Wembley Park and the support of Brent Council.

Second Floor Studios & Arts, has been supporting artists with affordable studio workspace since 1997. There are currently four SFSA sites across in the UK with over 175 studio members, including Wembley Park.