Dee Qadir and Ash Patel at The Yellow in Wembley Park

The Heart of the Community

Dee Qadir, Community Engagement Assistant Manager at Wembley Park’s community hub, The Yellow, explains why community spaces are so important.

Learn, dance, draw, get fit, knit, relax… whatever you’re into, you can do it with kindred spirits at The Yellow. The community hub provides a huge range of classes, events and clubs, catering to all ages and interests, many of them for free. Open to all, it has become the heart of the Wembley Park neighbourhood. We caught up with The Yellow’s Dee Qadir to find out more.

“The Yellow is a community within a community. I'm honoured to be part of the whole journey and process.”

Dee Qadir

What is the focus of events at The Yellow?

It’s very balanced. We have events for children with special educational needs, for pensioners, for babies… everyone! Much of the programme is driven by local residents’ passion.
Our parent and baby yoga class, ballet fitness and SOS dance classes, for example, have all been suggested and are run by Wembley Park residents.
Fitness and mental wellbeing are key themes. Many people are under pressure in the current climate. The Yellow encourages people to connect, open up and share. It’s the heart of the local community.

Social Knitting Class at The Yellow in Wembley Park

What are the most popular events?

Our supper clubs are always so much fun. Our movie nights are too. They both attract a lot of interest. Brent Youth Theatre also runs some incredible sessions – their springtime concert was hugely popular.

The Meditation, Yoga and Breathing class also has a loyal following. The yoga guru runs the class to give back to his community and his Monday class is an amazing way to start your week.

We hire out The Yellow too, so people can hold workshops, community events and more here. It’s a fabulous space that meets so many needs. Come along and find out!

Did you know?

The Yellow regularly hosts local, community podcasts, including recent discussions with Brent and Harrow London Assembly Member Krupesh Hirani, writer and historian Nadia Khan, An-Nisa Society founder Humera Khan and Daniel’s Den founder and coordinator Jo Gorden. Listen to the podcast here.