Ash & Dee from The Yellow in Wembley Park

Meet the team

Ash is born and bred in Wembley Park, his community engagement strategy is to foster a vibrant and happy community by bringing together existing and new residents, workers, students, and local groups through a robust, balanced and accessible programme.

“People make a place come to life, they create warmth and belonging. A successful community engagement programme will encourage people to feel positive about Wembley Park as well as making them part of the exciting journey"

Ash Patel

Holding a Degree in Sociology and having enjoyed a varied career, Dee’s role as Community Engagement Assistant Manager of The Yellow has further ignited her passion for serving local communities and delivering quality services to them. As a person that has come from another country, Dee has witnessed first-hand the genuine improvement local community work can bring to the lives of residents, Dee is keen to continue playing a part in creating strong social networks that in turn help to build strong communities.

“As a local Wembley Park resident, I am keen to continue serving the community I live in. I thoroughly enjoy working with the diverse community that is Wembley. Making sure that The Yellow is a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive space has been a real passion”

Dee Qadir

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