Floating Seasons by Sarah Blackwell as part of the 'Figures of Change' Wembley Park Art Trail in Wembley Park

Floating Seasons by Sarah Blackwell

White Horse Square, Digital Design on Graphic Vinyl , 2022

Floating Seasons is a stunning and thoughtful installation of flags inspired by the different trees dotted around Wembley Park, namely the Golden Rain tree and the Lime tree. Combining different types of leaves and colours to represent different plants and seasons, the final design effects a sea of blues and greens, sparkles of yellow and the occasional punchy note of red or orange, dancing together with the wind.

Artist Bio

Sarah Blackwell is an artist and dancer that has a focus for community engagement. Her artwork consists of mixed media portraits, nature, animal and monster illustrations and has started producing digital pieces.
She produces art and dance workshops and events with community engagement in mind. And is part of Inspiralarts which is a dance and performing arts community-focused group.