Meadows of Change in Wembley Park's Art Trail

Meadows of Change by HagenHinderdael

Arena Square, Mixed Media, 2021

Nestled within the telephone booths at Arena Square, Meadows of Change celebrates the layers of history of Wembley as an iconic neighbourhood. From its start as the small village of Wembley Green – meaning the meadow or clearing of Wembley, to its transformation into what is now Wembley Park; the artwork takes us through moments of perseverance and change in both the skyline and narrative of this unique part of London. As meadows undulate like rolling hills across all three booths, the arc of the new Wembley shines and reflects in the mirrors behind. In the evening, the installation transforms speaking to a moment of memory as two spotlights flank either side of the artwork to represent the twin towers of the old Empire Stadium. Merging the meadow, remembering the iconic towers, and reflecting on a Wembley, Meadows of Change reminds us that Wembley has persevered, resilient in its status as an icon of London.

Artist bio

Pairing product design with art, HagenHinderdael pursue a design approach that explores the relationship of lighting and large scale installations in immersive environments. Merging their abilities as designers with the material knowledge and craftsmanship of local artisans and cutting-edge technology, the designers produce elements and installations that push the boundaries of engineering whilst bearing the incentive of a continuous afterlife. HagenHinderdael’s ethos is to celebrate long-established craftsmanship and always think about the lifecycle of the installations. From the sourcing down to the afterlife, each installation has its own journey that is sustainably sourced and locally manufactured. In temporary installations, wherever possible, a product is developed as the singular unit of the design - creating a unique way for the pieces to be re-used and distributed afterwards.

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