Spanish Steps artwork Against The Odds by Micah Purnell in Wembley Park

Power in Unity by Micah Purnell

Spanish Steps, Vinyl print, 2021

Underpinned by a sense of togetherness, diversity and hope, Power in Unity was inspired by people uniting in tougher times to stand together for the greater good. A theme Micah Purnell has been looking over through 2020 and 2021, he sought to bring a positive and memorable experience to Wembley Park, creating an 'Ahhh' moment through the powerful design.

Artist Bio

Micah Purnell is an award winning artist and designer, producing billboards, books and branding, based in Manchester, England. He uses Design Thinking to find new ways to create “AHHH” moments, always bringing positive, memorable experiences. As well as appearing in countless exhibitions over the last 25 years (including with Turner Prize Winner Douglas Gordon), he has curated numerous projects with leading international artists, designers and thinkers. His works have appeared on London Bridge billboards, The Tube, Oxo Gallery, as giant building banners and on digi-boards ten floors in height among countless billboards across the UK.

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My design tutor said I was too arty while my art teacher said I was too graphic-y. True story.

Micah Purnell