Power Up! by Charley Peters as part of the 'Figures of Change' Wembley Park Art Trail in Wembley Park

Power Up! by Charley Peters

Spanish Steps, Vinyl print, 2022

Power Up! is a site-specific artwork made for Wembley Park’s Spanish Steps, depicting a succession of shooting stars that seem to rise up as a mirror to the perseverance and resilience of women’s voices. Using a spectrum of colour to reflect the diversity of women’s experiences, the stars move onwards and upwards in an arrangement of solidarity for International Women’s Day 2022. It is a positive, uplifting artwork that is futuristic and otherworldly and yet also familiar – with the title acting as a bold reminder of the strength that can be found through both community and individuality.

'Power Up!' by Charley Peters will be leaving 20th June 2022.

Artist Bio

Charley Peters makes artworks where abstract language and contemporary screen aesthetics collide, remixing familiar motifs from art history, retro gaming and the Internet on canvases, walls and in public spaces. She sees her work as being similar to creating fantastical worlds where diverse pictorial elements exist together in unique, dynamic configurations full of visual energy, colour, abstract shapes and graphic symbols. Her work has developed from a belief that everyone deserves their own place to belong and if you don’t fit comfortably into the real world designed by other people, then you have the power to make your own.

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Figures of Change art trail

Launching for International Women's Day 2022, 'Figures of Change’ consists of eight major public realm artworks by an all-female line up of leading artists from around the world. Curated by Zoë Allen of Artistic Statements, 'Figures of Change' adds to the existing Wembley Park Art Trail and takes shape across a myriad of unconventional outdoor canvases in site specific locations around the neighbourhood. The free public art includes digital pieces, lighting installations, typography, graphic design, photography and illustration. Reflecting the theme of IWD2022, 'Figures of Change' explores the positive shift in attitudes towards women and a collective desire for change following a hugely destabilising global pandemic.