United in Light Photography Exhibition at Wembley Park

United in Light

Photo exhibit, Photography, 2021

Debuting for Winterfest 2021 is our new permanent outdoor gallery on the iconic Olympic Way, with eight double-sided lightboxes with specially curated free exhibitions. ‘Reunited in Light’ will be the first Wembley Park commissioned photography exhibition running from 25th November 2021 to 27th February 2022. Curated to reflect the power of people pulling together, the exhibit will display uplifting and vibrant scenes of togetherness, tenderness, and intimacy. Featuring 16 photos by 12 UK-based photographers, the powerful images range from recent graduates to award-winning artists, such as Tami Aftab and Sophie Harris-Taylor.

Artist Bio

JR has the largest art gallery in the world. Thanks to his photographic collage technique, he exhibits his work free of charge on the walls of the whole world – attracting the attention of those who do not usually go to museums.

Originator of the 28 Millimeters Project which he started in and around Clichy-Montfermeil in 2004, continued in the Middle East with Face 2 Face (2007), in Brazil and Kenya for Women Are Heroes (2008-2011), the documentary for which was presented at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010 (Critics' Week).JR has created "Infiltrating art".

During his collage activities, the local communities take part in the act of artistic creation, with no stage separating actors from spectators. The anonymity of JR and the absence of any explanation accompanying his huge portraits leave him with a free space in which issues and actors, performers and passers-by meet, forming the essence of his work.

Visit his website here.