Wembley Park 2020 Christmas tree

Aurora Arbour Christmas Tree

Location: Outside London Designer Outlet

Designed by Field & Lawn, with artwork created by artist Siân Bliss, London’s tallest-ever LED Christmas tree towers over Wembley Park adding some cheer to the night’s sky. Our 2020 tree is adorned with a new specially commissioned artwork based on the spectacular and magical movements of a winter night’s sky. The vast conical structure, lit by more than 100,000 low-energy kinetic light bulbs, forms a dazzling centrepiece to Wembley Park’s Christmas lights.

Artist bio

Siân Bliss (she/her) is a multi-media artist and recent graduate of the California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles, CA, in the MFA in Experimental Animation program. She currently based in London at Secondfloor Studios. Bliss has experience working in a number of roles with a plethora of companies, big and small, such as Walt Disney Imagineers, KBJ Architects, CalArts, Cartoon Network and Khora VR. She has an ever growing list of exhibits and residencies to her name, such as NES (Iceland), ArtHub Copenhagen (Denmark), Bermondsey Project Space (UK), and REDCAT (USA) and is a member of the Subterranean Video Art Club, Copenhagen.