Kebab from German Doner Kebab at Boxpark Wembley in Wembley Park

German Doner Kebab in Wembley Park

Kebabs don’t just have to be a greasy meal - certainly not! You can enjoy a range of gourmet kebabs made with quality ingredients at the German Doner Kebab shop. Located in Unit 20 of Boxpark Wembley, the succulent meat and secret sauce provides a unique and delicious menu like no other.

Using ingredients exclusive to the German Doner Kebab Restaurants is what sets this menu apart from the competition. That and their secret sauce recipe! Every kebab is made from succulent beef or pure chicken fillets that are imported directly from Germany for quality and consistency. That said, there are also vegetarian options for those who don’t eat meat.

All vegetables and other ingredients required to make great kebabs are locally produced and delivered fresh daily. This includes the bread that makes these kebabs complete. The result is tasty meals that are nutritionally balanced for a gourmet food experience. Forget what you think you know, this is kebabs done right!

German Doner Kebab top choices

Through using secret recipes perfected over time, the German Doner Kebab restaurants hope to maintain the authenticity and originality of their kebabs. They also source and use healthy, fresh and nutritious ingredients to create a guilt-free, tasty meal.

But with so many tasty options, deciding what to have can be hard. Here are some of the top mains and sides from their exciting menu:

  • The original German doner kebab
  • Kcal kebab
  • Doner burger
  • Veggie kebab
  • Doner spring rolls
  • Flaming fries

History of German Doner Kebab

The first German Doner Kebab shop was opened in Berlin in 1989. The talented team spent the next decade perfecting their preparation and cooking process, as well as their recipes, using a unique blend of traditional spices and exclusive products. This is how they created their delicious signature taste and secret sauces.