Food from Sides by The Sidemen at BOXPARK Wembley in Wembley Park

Sides in Wembley Park

Created by creator collective The Sidemen, Sides brings together the best in fried chicken, side dishes and sauces to BOXPARK Wembley.

Fried chicken. Seven sauces. Which side are you on?

YouTube sensations, The Sidemen, have launched their fried chicken fast food restaurant in Wembley Park. Their first ever physical space, Sides in Wembley Park is a celebration of all things, well, sides! When it comes to the menu, Sides leaves it up to you to create your very own dish. Pair up their incredibly tasty mains with a selection of even tastier sides. And the best part is their menu is 50/50 vegan! First up pick your protein - chicken or plant based - in either a slider, salad or loaded up with your choice from seven different sauces (yes, you read that right). Then go crazy on the side dishes and pick from seven different accompanying dishes, from Vegan Loaded Waffle Fries to Mac 'n' Cheese Bites or Onion Rings.

Sides by The Sidemen

No meal is complete without sauces and that is where Sides comes into its own. Pick from seven vegan-friendly sauces to compliment your meal, from Classic BBQ, Louisiana, Chipotle, Garlic Vegan Mayo, Korean BBQ, Teriyaki and XIX Buffalo. Why not sample their Secret Sauce to get the full Sidemen experience?

The Sidemen

Starting as seven YouTubers who joined forces in 2013, The Sidemen have dominated the internet since, creating an international audience of voer 84.5 million dedicated YouTube subscribers, and a combined following of 36.4 million on Instagram. They are Olajide ‘JJ’ Olatunji (KSI), Harry Lewis (Wroetoshaw), Simon Minter (Miniminter), Vik Barn (Vikkstar123), Josh Bradley (Zerkaa), Ethan Payne (Behzinga) and Tobi Brown (TBJZL). Besides the billions of views for their videos across their respective channels, the group are 7 best friends, on a mission to spread positivity and ultimately fun through groundbreaking content.

Sides by The Sidemen at BOXPARK Wembley in Wembley Park