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Bread Ahead in Wembley Park

Bread Ahead Wembley Park is so much more than just a place to stop and grab a bite to eat when you're in Wembley Park. It is an independent bakery and baking school. This all-new drinking, dining and baking destination brings you fresh, high-quality produce, as well as the opportunity to learn to make baked goods yourself.

Located off Olympic Way by Quintain Living's hub, Bread Ahead Wembley Park's bakery and restaurant in the first all-day dining location from the Bread Ahead family which started as a baking school in Borough Market. Once there, you can enjoy a range of classic loaves and pastries baked in-store that day. You can also choose from a selection of stone-baked pizzas, rotisserie chicken and of course, sweet treats.

But the Bread Ahead bakery Wembley Park is also home to the popular baking workshops for all levels of bakers. Learning from highly-skilled instructors, seasoned pros and newbies alike will get an insight into artisan baking. You can also learn to create gluten-free and vegan treats too.

Bread Ahead top choices

Serving everything from pizza’s to desserts, Bread Ahead offers a range very varied range of house specials and quick-bites, including their world-famous filled doughnuts! If you're stopping by for something to eat, be sure you leave room for some of these delicious treats because believe us, you're going to want to try everything on the menu:

  • Brown sugar brined roast chicken
  • Butternut squash salad
  • Portobello mushroom burger
  • Wholemeal sourdough loaves
  • Chocolate babka buns
  • Salted caramel-filled doughnuts

History of Bread Ahead

Bread Ahead was founded in 2013 by Matthew Jones, who spent 15 years as a chef working alongside some of the best in the business. He started his first bakery in 2000 and later founded Bread Ahead at the famous Borough Market. This quickly became a go-to spot for Londoners and tourists alike. The Bakery School was opened in 2014 and since then the brand has expanded, opening more school and bakeries across London.

  • Opening hours:

    Monday - Friday - 1 am - 8 pm.
    Saturday - 9 am - 8 pm.
    Sunday - 9 am - 6 pm.

  • Location:

    26-28 Olympic Way, Wembley Park
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Bread Ahead Cinnamon Rolls in Wembley Park
Bread Ahead Donuts in Wembley Park


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