Pasta Remoli Pappardelle Bolognese Wembley Park

Pasta Remoli in Wembley Park

Are you a pasta enthusiast? Then look no further! Pasta Remoli is every carb lovers dream. This incredible restaurant offers fresh homemade pasta dishes and other delicious Italian cuisines. In fact, they claim to serve one of the best homemade pastas in London. But if you don’t believe us, get yourself down to Wembley Park and find out for yourself.

Pasta Remoli specialises in fresh homemade pasta and sauces, all cooked in the open kitchen using only the finest Italian ingredients. But because they wanted to offer casual, fast (but always delicious) food in a laid-back environment, all pasta dishes are prepared in just minutes using their foolproof formula. You simply choose your favourite pasta, add your favourite space and top it with your favourite cheese and there you have it - the perfect pasta dish.

For that authentic Italian taste, their pasta is made with genuine Italian eggs and flour but there are also wholemeal, egg-free and gluten-free alternatives available, so everyone can grab themselves a taste of Italy, quickly!

Pasta Remoli top choices

As well as pasta dishes there is also a selection of tasty antipasti, desserts and other traditional Italian dishes. This can make choosing the perfect dish almost impossible, so we thought we’d help out, below are some of Pasta Remoli’s top choices for starters, mains and desserts:

  • Arrabbiata fusilli pasta topped with Parmigiano Reggiano
  • Spaghetti bolognese
  • Creamy mushroom tagliatelle
  • Burrata cheese and Parma ham with gnocco fritto
  • Crostino with chicken liver
  • Pistachio and mascarpone cake

History of Pasta Remoli

Founder of Pasta Remoli, Simone Remoli started his culinary journey in Rome as a young child watching his mother cook. Inspired by this, he trained to be a chef in kitchens across Rome until 2007 when he moved to London. He quickly became disappointed with the quality of pasta being served and his vision for creating quick and authentic pasta dishes began. He was eventually approached by Westfield Stratford about opening his own restaurant there and has since opened several others across London.

  • Opening hours:

    Currently open for takeaway or delivery only

  • Location:

    Pasta Remoli Wembley Park
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