Authentic Italian Pizza at Zia Lucia in Boxpark Wembley Park

Zia Lucia in Wembley Park

If you love pizza but you're looking for something to shake it up, Zia Lucia in Wembley Park brings you a whole new way to enjoy pizzas. Offering authentic Italian pizzas in four different doughs and a variety of toppings, it’s time to get yourself down to Unit 11 of Boxpark Wembley for a unique Italian dining experience.

Zia Lucia is a pizza-lovers dream as it offers a unique dining experience and even better pizzas. The real Italian community-style food sees queues forming at this hugely popular pizza spot.

What makes it so special? Well, first of all, there is a variety of doughs to choose from but more than this, the doughs are slow-fermented for 48-hours to create a base like no other. Then, the pizzas are cooked over wood fires for the perfect crispy finish.

As well as gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and wholemeal doughs being available, there is also a range of delicious toppings. These include truffle honey, fresh Italian sausage, taleggio goat cheese and so much more!

Zia Lucia top choices

Alongside the pizzas, the menu also features a selection of Italian style starters, salads and home-made desserts. And while these are all just as delicious, it’s fair to say that the pizzas are the show stoppers which is why we recommend that you try at least one of the following favourites when you visit:

  • Paperon De Pepperoni (spicy)
  • Red Vegana
  • Spicy burrata
  • Turkey calzone
  • Arianna Sbagliata (with truffle oil)
  • Centurione

History of Zia Lucia

Zia Lucia was founded by friends Claudio and Gianluca and is now run by a team of passionate Italians. The first restaurant was opened in Islington in 2016 and a second location was opened in Hammersmith/Kensington in 2018. The ethos of the brand has always been to provide high-quality food at affordable prices.