Authentic Italian Pizza at Zia Lucia in Boxpark Wembley Park

Zia Lucia in Wembley Park

Zia Lucia brings Londoners a new way to enjoy pizza. Their queue-generating special selection of doughs, unique in the London pizza scene, combined with a flair for real Italian community-style, make Zia Lucia a distinctive experience for pizza lovers across the city.

Zia Lucia’s unique variety of Italian 48-hour slow-fermented doughs are inspired by ancient traditions brought from across Italy to London. The recipes range from the traditional flour dough to an unusual vegetable charcoal black base, from a healthy wholemeal option to special dough made without gluten. The menu at Zia Lucia continuously evolves to include new experimental doughs, following the creativity of Zia Lucia’s formidable pizzaioli.

Zia Lucia, which translates as 'Auntie Lucia' is run by a team of passionate Italians. Founders, friends and Holloway residents, Claudio Vescovo and Gianluca D’Angelo have created Zia Lucia with the help of family and friends. Inspired and named after Gianluca’s Auntie Lucia: a warm, generous figure in her family and community in Rome, these important values are recreated in this neighbourhood pizzerias.

Priced from £7-£12, the wood-fired pizzas feature fresh, classic Italian as well as innovative toppings, all available on the four types of dough. The menu also features the signature Arianna pizza, with truffle honey, fresh Italian sausage, taleggio goat cheese, pecorino cheese and mozzarella – ideally paired with their black vegetable charcoal dough.

Alongside the pizzas, the menu features a selection of Italian style starters, salads and home-made desserts, including an innovative and appetising pizza dessert.

Zia Lucia opened its first restaurant in Islington in 2016, and in light of its success launched a second one in Hammersmith in 2018. Zia Lucia has been awarded Best Local Restaurant on Time Out Love London Awards 2018. It is featured in Where Chefs Eat Guide 2018 and is ranked among the 100 London Best Cheap Eats for Time Out.

Founders Claudio Vescovo and Gianluca D’Angelo are delighted to be bringing their authentic Italian flavours and flair - as well as their four renowned and queue-creating pizza doughs - to a new audience in Boxpark Wembley.

Zia Lucia Black Dough Pizza in Boxpark Wembley Park
Chef Making The Best Authentic Italian Pizza at Zia Lucia in Boxpark Wembley Park