JRC Global Buffet in London Designer Outlet in Wembley Park

JRC Global Buffet in Wembley Park

Located on Level Two of the London Designer Outlet, JRC Global Buffet is dedicated to bringing its guests mouth-watering dishes from around the globe, all under one roof. So if you're unsure what you fancy for dinner that night, no problem! You’ll have your pick of flavours from around the world in one delicious dining experience.

The main aim behind the JRC Global Buffet is to create a casual and tasty dining experience that offers something for everyone. The menu is made up of top picks from twelve different countries including China, Japan, Mexico, England and India (to name a few). So you can choose between everything, from curry and rice dishes to pizza and even roast dinners.

But this doesn't mean the quality of the food will suffer, oh no. The chefs pride themselves on the love and care that goes into each and every one of their 300+ dishes from around the world. In fact, the JRC Global Buffet manages to perfectly marry exceptional quality ingredients with authentic techniques and unbeatable value for money.

JRC Global Buffet top choices

Whenever you go to a great restaurant, narrowing down what to have from the menu can be tricky, but when you're faced with a global buffet this becomes even harder! We couldn't begin to choose the ‘best’ dishes because there are just so many of them but if you're considering a trip to Wembley Park, here are some of the highlights from the JRC Global Buffet you can look forward to:

  • Italian pizzas
  • Japanese sushi
  • Brazillian BBQ
  • Spanish tapas
  • Fresh seafood
  • Traditional British roast dinners

History of JRC Global Buffet

The concept for JRC Global Buffet was founded by the owner of Shikumen Restaurants, who is also a member of the JRC Global Group. With investments in restaurants, leisure, property and travel, bringing the best food from around the world is not the only thing the HRC Group does but it has certainly become a key priority in recent years with the chain of restaurants growing across the UK.

  • Opening hours:

    Open for delivery only

  • Location:

    London Designer Outlet
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Desserts from JRC Global Buffet at London Designer Outlet in Wembley Park