Canopy Wembley Park nursery in Wembley Park

Canopy Wembley Park

Canopy Children’s Nursery is a beautiful and enabling environment for young children. It is a large, open-plan nursery with three distinct zones which wrap around and enclose the outdoor play area. This design allows the indoor and outdoor areas to flow, encouraging discovery and play outside. With floor-to-ceiling windows, the space is filled with natural light and air.

Canopy Wembley Park is a 70-space nursery which takes babies and young children from birth until they start school. Open from 7.30am until 6.30pm each day for 51 weeks per year.

In order to provide parents with the flexibility that they require, they can book any combination of full days, short days, morning or afternoon sessions. They also offer highly desirable two-hour drop-in sessions which can be booked on an ad-hoc and week-to-week basis and are planning to extend to offering weekend childcare provision too.

Nursery Directors, husband-and-wife team, Sagar and Rinu Shah, are committed to building a thriving home-from-home nursery which becomes part of the heart and soul of the Wembley Park community.

About Canopy Children’s Nurseries

  1. Canopy values & ethos

    Canopy Children’s Nurseries are passionate about giving children the best possible beginnings and helping to bring more harmony into parents’ busy lives by offering a supportive, nurturing day care service that’s tailored to each family’s needs.

    The team at Canopy describe their child-led approach to early years’ education as recognising what is unique, special and individual about each child so that they can support and encourage them to be the best version of themselves.

    By building a culture of excellence and designing environments and opportunities to inspire a child’s awe and wonder, Canopy Children’s Nurseries create magical childhood moments.

  2. Importance of Early Years

    Young children learn, develop and achieve at an astonishing rate, with their brains developing connections faster than at any other time of their lives.

    Canopy Children’s Nurseries have been designed to stimulate and support each child at this crucial time in their lives, giving them the power to change the world in their own unique ways.

  3. Curriculum

    By looking at the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage through the eyes of children, Canopy Children’s Nurseries develop a truly engaging curriculum. It is a blended approach based on aspects of the Reggio Emilia ethos which views young children as individuals who are curious about their world and have the powerful potential to learn from all that surrounds them.

    Each child’s specific interests and needs influence how the curriculum is delivered within the nursery, enabling them to follow their passions and discover their powers.

  4. Partnership with parents

    Whilst each nursery is an entirely child-centred environment, Canopy Nurseries have been developed with the needs of parents in mind. Having listened to customers, Canopy understands the many challenges facing parents as they juggle workloads and family life.

    Today’s parents are more likely than ever to have flexible working patterns and in recent months this trend has accelerated faster than anyone could have imagined. They welcome technology as a way to make their busy lives run more smoothly and make considered judgements about the organisations that they interact with, having the highest expectations in terms of ethics and standards of service.

    Canopy Children’s Nurseries involve, listen to and communicate openly and honestly with parents, becoming their trusted partners in ensuring their child reaches their full potential.

  5. Healthy Routines

    In order to thrive, children need to be able to eat, sleep and exercise well with the support and guidance of caring adults. During their day at Canopy, each child will sit down with other children for freshly prepared organic meals and snacks, relax in a quiet, comfortable environment to rest/sleep and will learn new ways to challenge their physical development through a varied programme of movement and exercise to build strength and stability.

  6. Inclusivity

    The Canopy team are experienced at providing personalised routines for children with specialist needs and prides itself on being fully inclusive and actively celebrating diversity.

    By always starting with the child, getting to know them and helping them feel settled and comfortable, the team at Canopy Wembley Park will then we work with parents/carers and external advisors to create an individual plan to help each child thrive.