RPO playing violin in London Designer Outlet at Wembley Park

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Wembley Park

We were thrilled to announce a significant new cultural partnership with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, who have been delighting visitors and the local community with free and accessible musical experiences across Wembley Park.

The Royal Philharmonic RPO in Wembley Park

Having already transformed the area into a thriving neighbourhood, we now curate hundreds of hours of free entertainment throughout the year for locals and visitors alike.

The UK witnessed the closure of hundreds of venues, large and small, across the country throughout the pandemic. That’s why Wembley Park is so honoured to curate pop-up appearances from members of the RPO around the neighbourhood. A balcony of one of Quintain Living’s buildings, Beton, was home to a magical performance by an ensemble of string, brass, wind and percussion players over the Spanish Steps in the Summer 2020 as a surprise post-lockdown treat.

Shoppers, residents, vendors, and visitors all expressed their delight at these free performances, and we can’t wait to arrange more events for our young and diverse borough.