Trees in Olympic Way, Wembley Park Discover the Neighbourhood

London National Park City

Wembley Park is home to plenty of green spaces and places for the public to relax and gather, in fact once the transformation of the area is complete almost exactly half will be public realm and gardens. The first section of our seven acre park was opened in 2021 that’s just one of the reasons why we’re so happy to be a part of London National Park City, a community-led grassroots movement inspired by National Parks, but applied at the city scale.

Trees on Market Square in Wembley Park

Did you know that Greater London is 16.8% public green space? This is a vibrant and green city, and we believe that this valuable resource should be increased and protected. London became the world’s first National Park City in 2019, and there are some lofty goals in the works. By 2050, 50% of London will be green or blue space, and Wembley Park has already achieved this goal. Upon completion, our corner of London will be more than 50% blue (ponds, puddles, canals, rivers and lakes) or green space (parks, gardens and woodlands).