Skills and Employment in Wembley Park Carpentry Workshop

Education, Skills & Employment

Aligned to our values, the team at Wembley Park is working to inspire local people to pursue careers in our sector by supporting educational programmes and engaging with students to enhance their understanding of the wide-ranging skill set and opportunities on offer.

Wembley Park Construction and Skills Apprenticeships

We are committed to investing in education and training at all levels – to reach a broad range of people.

We aim to share our knowledge and skills and those of our partners at Wembley Park with local communities, thereby equipping people with relevant training and providing access to apprenticeships and employment opportunities. By providing local people with education, fulfilling career opportunities, and tangible skills they can transfer to local businesses, we hope to leave a lasting legacy in The London Borough of Brent.

Wembley Park Construction Local Employment Opportunities

Local Employment

Before our team at Quintain starts on any construction work, we work with our contractors to identify local employment opportunities.

We opened Brent Works on the ground floor of one of our first residential buildings, Quadrant Court, in 2013. With financial support from Quintain, they offer work-related training to candidates and offer employers an employment brokerage service. Brent Works then advertises all training and job opportunities across the borough.

Candidates are often put forward by local organisations, such as the College of Northwest London, housing associations and other statutory and voluntary organisations. We’re also proud to work with United Borders, who work with people at risk of offending, and with PLIAS Resettlement, who support the resettlement and reintegration of offenders into the community.

We agreed with the London Borough of Brent to aspire to hire local Brent residents for at least 20% of the construction workforce on all projects. We smashed through this target - between 2018 and 2020, 34% of our construction workforce (over 975 workers) were Brent residents. 17% of these workers went on to become full time employees with the contractor that originally employed them.

Wembley Park Quintain Apprenticeship Breakfast


Apprenticeships are an essential way to nurture and support local communities. Our Employment & Training Plans identified apprenticeship opportunities at varying levels on our construction sites, and we worked with local colleges and training providers to identify potential candidates and provide the required accredited training required.

Apprenticeship opportunities at Wembley Park are available at different entry levels. Level 1 apprenticeships are aimed at school leavers who want some knowledge and hands-on experience, all the way up to a Level 7 apprenticeship, equivalent to a Master’s Degree. While we have appointed apprentices at every level at Wembley Park, most have been at Levels 2, 3 and 4. These are equivalent to GCSE, A-Level, and Foundation degree levels.

Most of these apprentice roles are a direct result of the construction at Wembley Park. Of the 155 apprentices employed since 2017, at least 122 were new apprentices, 12 transitioned from other employers, and three were existing apprentices who all gained valuable experience working on the Wembley Park project.