Laura Marrs, Quintain Living Resident in Wembley Park

An Artist’s Guide to Wembley Park - Laura Ashby

My name is Laura Ashby, and I have lived at Quintain Living since March 2017.

Art has always played a big role in my life. I am a skills manager for a living, responsible for CSR functions of freelance artists, and I also facilitate art exhibitions and events. As an artist, I appreciate having my art studio around the corner from my apartment – it makes my work and my creative process much less stressful to have such a short commute. I also relish the chance to host art classes for other Quintain Living residents.

It’s now been four years in total since we moved in – time really flies! I live with my husband and our three young children. We originally lived in a one-bedroom flat but made the move to a two-bedroom when we had our twins.

Laura Marrs Art, Quintain Living Resident in Wembley Park

My life as an artist

I started working in my current role in May 2015. My office is in Wembley Park, and I was commuting from West London - it just wasn’t making sense anymore. We decided to move here to Quintain Living because we loved the apartments and the all-inclusive brand. It has made my life so much easier to live near my job, especially because I can walk to work.

In addition to working in the arts as a full-time job, art is woven into all of my hobbies. I love hosting a monthly art class called “Paint and Prosecco” at Tipi London, which is a great perk for the residents. It’s open to people at all levels, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals. It’s really rewarding to see these canvases displayed in people’s apartments, and to create meaningful connections over art. We have a ton of fun – and pop a lot of prosecco…

Last year I launched a line of personalised hand painted greeting cards. I loved seeing them for sale at Wembley Park Market, which is just the most wonderful place to browse and shop. They put so much care into selecting unique handmade gifts (not to mention delicious treats). As an artist, I really appreciate the opportunity to sell my work in the company of so many other artisans and makers.

Laura Marrs art, Quintain Living Resident in Wembley Park

Living Surrounded by Art in Wembley Park

We absolutely love living in this vibrant and creative area. I have been so impressed with the recent art trail and art installations, especially the Shadow Wall by Jason Bruges. My entire family loves to watch the fountains outside the Arena, and we really take full advantage of all of the play areas and parks.

Best of all, our neighbours are such an interesting and eclectic bunch. From the vendors at the Wembley Park Market to other residents at Quintain Living, we’ve made some excellent friends and learned so much about the area. There’s always some great new street food to try at BOXPARK Wembley, and we love watching the axe-throwing!

Laura Marrs art, Quintain Living Resident in Wembley Park

My Wembley Park Lifestyle

We have taken full advantage of the outdoor spaces and fantastic takeaways in Wembley Park throughout the lockdowns. We’re excited to get back to everyday life, experiencing the world-class events at the Arena, shopping at the area’s diverse retail, and dining in restaurants. We’re also eager to use the Quintain Living social spaces to meet and mingle with our friends in the area.

While I focus on visual arts, I deeply appreciate the art of theatre. Having the Troubadour Theatre on our doorstep is such a special resource, and it allows us to see West End quality shows without travelling to Central London.

For us, some of our most cherished memories in Wembley Park include seeing Simply Red and Burna Boy at the Arena and taking part in the Urban Arts festival with United Borders. This is truly such a varied and dynamic neighbourhood - we feel so lucky to enjoy all of the local cultural events.

We are so thrilled to be a part of this vibrant community within NW London and Brent, and we are excited to continue celebrating its culture and diversity. I honestly can’t think of anywhere else in the capital that blends retail and dining with such a rich arts scene.