Pancakes from Bread Ahead in Wembley Park

Brunch and Breakfast in Wembley Park

Wembley Park

Fewer things are better than a delicious brunch or breakfast at Wembley Park.

After all, who doesn’t love stretching a lazy morning into a relaxed afternoon over a gorgeous meal (and cheeky drinks) with friends? If that sounds like you, you're definitely a brunch person.

Or maybe you love the feeling of getting up early, fuelling up, and getting ready for the day ahead? In that case, you’re more of a breakfast lover.

Whether you prefer breakfast or brunch, Wembley Park has you covered. Whether you want a bottomless brunch with a lot of laughs, or a healthy breakfast paired with good coffee, check out these options.

Known for their award-winning sourdough and their bakery school, Bread Ahead also specialises in the breakfast and brunch Wembley Park loves. You’ll their gorgeous baked goods, including croissants and filled doughnuts, but don’t miss out on their brunch. We love the Eggs Royal with oak-smoked salmon and avocado and the French Toast with streaky bacon and maple syrup.

Looking for a hip and laid-back place to chill over cocktails and a delicious brunch or enjoy breakfast paired with good coffee? Estadio Lounge serves up vegan, vegetarian, and meaty breakfast dishes prepared with free-range eggs. Try the Berries & Maple Mascarpone Triple-Stacked Buttermilk Pancakes, or go for a spicy chorizo hash. Their dedicated kids’ menu also includes plenty of breakfast options for the little ones.

Sometimes you just need a great cup of coffee to get you going in the morning, and Out of Office Coffee is here to help. This craft coffee oasis has two Wembley Park locations, so you’re never far from your caffeine fix. In addition to a great cup of coffee, they also offer flaky pastries that are perfect for breakfast on the go.

From a few shops dotted around London to a hip international chain, Black Sheep Coffee is redefining coffee culture in the UK. This isn’t the place for a full English – instead, you’ll find fantastic baked goods, smoothies and smoothie bowls, bagels, and piping hot toasties. Grab them and go or eat in and enjoy.

Fancy having brunch in a 1950s-themed diner? Big Moe’s is a beloved London chain of American-style diners done right. They offer a wide menu of favourites, and their brunch menu is tasty, filling, and fun. We’re talking waffles, French toast, a full English, and their famous burgers. Pair your meal with a thick milkshake for the proper diner experience.

You never want to be too far away from a cup of good coffee. Boki Wembley Park may be a small shop, but its coffee and breakfast items pack a powerful punch of flavour. Don’t miss out on a slice of their legendary banana bread or a double cheese toastie, perfect for kickstarting your day.

Did someone say Bottomless Brunch Wembley? This one’s for the party people who like to pair their brunch with great music, colourful flavours, and a tipple (or five). Las Iguanas serves up an epic bottomless brunch that includes a starter, a main, and bottomless beer or prosecco for just £29.95, and you can upgrade to cocktails for just a fiver. Start off with some nachos or chicken wings and move on to a decadent burger, a loaded burrito, or avocado toast.

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The next time you’re in the mood for a filling breakfast or a social brunch with friends, Wembley Park is the place to be. With tons of dining choices and plenty of entertainment and shopping venues nearby, it’s fast becoming the brunch destination of choice.