Festival of Dreams performing at Wemba's Dream in Wembley Park

Festival of Dreams

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    Arena Square, Wembley Park, Wembley, UK
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Created by Brent Youth Theatre, Mahogany Carnival Arts, musicians from the RPO and the St Michael and All Angels Steel Pan Band

Where: SSE Arena Square
Performance times: 12.45pm, 2.15pm, 3.45pm

Young performers from Brent share a musical dream fable – of hope overcoming fear – combining spell-binding movement, music and carnival costume.

Brent Youth Theatre

Brent Youth Theatre (BYT) is an inclusive performing arts service delivered by Unique Community Charity. We aim for every child & young person that is part of our projects to feel connected with their community, inspired to tell their own stories through learning about others and empowered to succeed in their ambitions. At BYT the young actors are in charge of what is created. They tell us what they want to create and we help them any way we can to achieve their wildest dreams. We are so excited to do just that this summer as we prepare for the September show.

Mahogany Carnival Arts

Mahogany Carnival Arts is a family of family’s who love Mas and the best things of carnival. Formed in 1989 out of a desire to preserve and develop the traditions of carnival, over the past 32 years Mahogany have been committed to raising the aspirations of our community by producing Mas with a message that challenges common stereotypes and explores the endless design possibilities that stem from our unique Caribbean flavour of carnival.

Wemba's Dream

Join Wembley Park and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for a free, day-long performance experience festival using music, dance, spoken word and theatre to bring to life the hopes, ambitions and fantasies of the people of Brent.