A Guiding Light by Louisa Smurthwaite & Douglas Green, a new commission as part of Winter's Wander and the free Wembley Park Art Trail

A Guiding Light by Louisa Smurthwaite & Douglas Green

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    Olympic Way, Wembley Park, Wembley, UK
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Olympic Way Banners and Lighting, Digital Illustration and Projected Light, 2022

The night sky has been a source of inspiration and guidance ever since the beginning of time, from the Mesopotamian god Sin to the James Webb Telescope. When someone passes we say there’s another star in the sky, when looking for fertility or wisdom we look to the moon. Whether you’re navigating your journey by the north star, your love life by the zodiac or your faith by the deities in the night sky - the sense of wonder is universal. Louisa Smurthwaite & Douglas Green created this artwork to celebrate how the sky gives people a sense of time, place and direction.

Winter's Wander

Launching in late 2022, 'Winter's Wander' is the theme of our seven newly commissioned wintry additions to our free Wembley Park Art Trail. Gracing unlikely canvases such as Olympic Way, the Spanish Steps and Arena Square, 'Winter's Wander' inspires joy, togetherness and a sense of adventure. Using both local and leading artists, 'Winter's Wander' features digital pieces, lighting installations and displays, cartoon-like illustrations, and new permanent artworks including tiled murals and painted pieces.

Winter in Wembley Park

Play. Eat. Shop. See. Relax. Winter in Wembley Park is here for a festive day out you won't forget. Whether that's doing a spot of Christmas shopping, going out for a yuletide meal, or visiting the theatre, we've got something for everyone. Catch free live performances every weekend, from talented soloists to lively trios, local choirs and retro Barbershop quartets. Capture the perfect holiday moment with our festive selfie spots, including a glowing gift box and whimsical ski-lift. Take a winter's wander around our free art trail, with new festive pieces including immersive light displays, colourful murals and festive pieces. Start exploring Winter in Wembley Park today.