Guiding Lights Bridge by Sian Bliss, a new commission as part of Winter's Wander and the free Wembley Park Art Trail

Guiding Lights Bridge by Sian Bliss

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    Olympic Way, Wembley Park, Wembley, UK
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Bobby Moore Bridge, Digital, 2022

Have you ever looked up to the night sky and been struck by the wonder of possibility - as the stars and galaxies stretch out into infinity? Exposure to such vast space and time can make us feel insignificant and small. Yet, each one of us is really as big and everlasting as the entire universe - as we are, in fact, one. The instinct to seek guidance from the universe has always been part of us throughout history. The tides are guided by the moon; scientists look for answers to questions big and small by looking far out, or far within. Some people’s daily decision-making is even impacted by the zodiac chart. This immersive art installation aims to fill you with wonder, spark imagination and bring you comfort that the universe does have a plan. The artwork, titled A Guiding Light, takes inspiration from the most powerful space telescope ever built, NASA’s James Webb Telescope. For the first time, it brings us images of some of the first galaxies ever formed, inspiring and reminding us of the most fundamental questions that remain unanswered.

Artist Bio

Siân Bliss (she/her) is a multimedia artist and graduate of California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles, CA, in the MFA in Experimental Animation program. Sian creates multi-sensory spaces that invigorate and embrace the audience, inviting people to participate in the artwork in real-time. In doing so she tackles concepts and ideas that may traditionally be challenging with new found joy and fresh possibility. She creates bright and engaging multi-media work that usually has one foot in the digital world and one foot in traditional art practices from her studio in South London.

Winter's Wander

Launching in late 2022, 'Winter's Wander' is the theme of our seven newly commissioned wintry additions to our free Wembley Park Art Trail. Gracing unlikely canvases such as Olympic Way, the Spanish Steps and Arena Square, 'Winter's Wander' inspires joy, togetherness and a sense of adventure. Using both local and leading artists, 'Winter's Wander' features digital pieces, lighting installations and displays, cartoon-like illustrations, and new permanent artworks including tiled murals and painted pieces.

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