Winter is here by Molly McGrath, a new commission as part of Winter's Wander and the free Wembley Park Art Trail

Winter is here by Molly McGrath

Telephone Boxes, Vinyl, 2022

Winter can be a time to reflect, to experience feelings of nostalgia and warm memories towards our loved ones. It's also a time of renewal, in anticipation of the new year, and many people are reconnected during the festive period. I was inspired to create this artwork by the memory of being a child again, excited for the celebrations ahead.

Artist Bio

Molly McGrath is a multimedia illustrator and student at The University of Arts, London who explores a range of topics and mediums within her practice. From working with Macmillan Cancer Support on an animation advertisement to illustrating children's story books. With a passion for telling stories, Molly enjoys using unusual materials to enhance a narrative. In January 2022, Molly started a charity project called 'The Loved One's Project' - a non-profit project with the aim to support people going through the bereavement process using art - drawing memories that sadly can't be possible. Her goals are to create designs with impact or that can put a smile on someone's face.

Winter's Wander

Launching in late 2022, 'Winter's Wander' is the theme of our seven newly commissioned wintry additions to our free Wembley Park Art Trail. Gracing unlikely canvases such as Olympic Way, the Spanish Steps and Arena Square, 'Winter's Wander' inspires joy, togetherness and a sense of adventure. Using both local and leading artists, 'Winter's Wander' features digital pieces, lighting installations and displays, cartoon-like illustrations, and new permanent artworks including tiled murals and painted pieces.

Winter in Wembley Park

Play. Eat. Shop. See. Relax. Winter in Wembley Park is here for a festive day out you won't forget. Whether that's doing a spot of Christmas shopping, going out for a yuletide meal, or visiting the theatre, we've got something for everyone. Catch free live performances every weekend, from talented soloists to lively trios, local choirs and retro Barbershop quartets. Capture the perfect holiday moment with our festive selfie spots, including a glowing gift box and whimsical ski-lift. Take a winter's wander around our free art trail, with new festive pieces including immersive light displays, colourful murals and festive pieces. Start exploring Winter in Wembley Park today.