Winters' Wander by Running For Crayons, a new commission as part of Winter's Wander and the free Wembley Park Art Trail

Winter’s Wander by Running for Crayons

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    Spanish Steps, Wembley Park, Wembley, UK
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Spanish Steps, Vinyl Print Hand Drawn Illustrations, 2022

Winter's Wander is formed of 12 individual illustrations that, when connected and admired as a whole, tell a story of togetherness. Choosing elements of the season that are positive, Tilly aka Running For Crayons wanted to create a sense of fun and excitement with families and friends - all celebrating the season but most importantly being together. Winter for some can often be seen as bleak, so the artwork was created with a palette of warm and cheerful tones, mixing traditional winter creatures with unexpected additions to add a playful charm and sense of inclusivity. Using imagery such as a hog hurtling down the ski slopes, a tiger making friends with a snowman, and a pair of cats finding comfort snoozing on a hibernating bear, Winter's Wander shows have connections really can be formed between the most unlikely of friends!

Artist Bio

Tilly is a smaller-than-average person who works with larger-than-life clients. She has been an illustrator for the past 15 years working globally in editorial, advertising and publishing for clients such as Time Out London, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Bosch, The National Geographic Traveller, Quarto and Visit Britain. She likes to approach each project with originality and a touch of humour, drawing inspiration from the everyday and the odd and enjoys creating characters based on the folks around her. You can find her studio just a stone's throw from the sea in Brighton, where she graduated with an MA in Sequential Illustration and Design in 2006.

Winter's Wander

Launching in late 2022, 'Winter's Wander' is the theme of our seven newly commissioned wintry additions to our free Wembley Park Art Trail. Gracing unlikely canvases such as Olympic Way, the Spanish Steps and Arena Square, 'Winter's Wander' inspires joy, togetherness and a sense of adventure. Using both local and leading artists, 'Winter's Wander' features digital pieces, lighting installations and displays, cartoon-like illustrations, and new permanent artworks including tiled murals and painted pieces.

Winter in Wembley Park

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