Oatopia Oats and Healthy Breakfast in Boxpark Wembley Park

Oatopia in Wembley Park

Are you an oat lover and a coffee connoisseur? Then you need to get yourself down to Oatopia in Unit 3 of Boxpark Wembley. The team are specialists in oat-based food and drink including flapjacks, porridge and energy bombs, making Oatopia the perfect place to go for a quick pick-me-up.

We specialise in oat-based food and drink, with vegan and dairy porridge made fresh each day, and a range of over 25 different flavours of flapjack to choose from! We also have a delicious range of bagels, and an array of other healthy 'oat-ernatives' such as bircher muesli, oat smoothies and energy bombs.

We offer lots of vegan, gluten-free and wheat-free options, and are all about promoting oats as a part of a healthy diet and way of life (#oatlife) and enabling people to eat fresh and wholesome food whilst on the go.

Oatopia Healthy Meals and Sandwiches in Boxpark Wembley Park
Oatopia Coffee in Boxpark Wembley Park