Platter of food from Sunshine Hummus from Boxpark Wembley at Wembley Park

Sunshine Hummus in Wembley Park

If you're a fan of hummus, then you’ll love the Sunshine Hummus and falafel restaurant in Wembley Park. You’ll find them located in Unit 24 of Boxpark Wembley where they will be serving a delicious range of Middle Eastern street foods and snacks. So if you fancy a feast from the Middle East, be sure to stop by!

Sunshine Hummus is all about healthy, vibrant vegetarian and vegan food. And no, this isn't your average processed Hummus from the supermarket. Their hummus recipe has been refined, tested and perfected over the years to create the delicious creamy taste they have today.

And they're not just crazy about hummus. The menu offers an exciting range of Middle Eastern-inspired food include fluffy pita pockets, salad boxes, falafel balls and more. All bowls and boxes are prepared with years of experience, love, and dedication to provide customers with a satisfying and tasty meal that is absolutely packed with flavour.

Sunshine Hummus top choices

Sunshine Hummus describes their dishes as a stairway to heaven. They believe that good food should be celebrated and that every meal is a feast. And we couldn't agree more. Bringing you a culinary message from the streets of the Middle East, some of our top picks from the menu include:

  • Classic hummus bowl
  • Spicy hummus (Masabacha) bowl
  • Aubergine and egg hummus bowl
  • Sabich pita bread
  • Cheeky cauliflower box
  • Falafel balls

History of Sunshine Hummus

The team behind Sunshine Hummus spent years travelling the Middle East, eating and exploring different street foods. Taking all of this experience into account they were able to perfect their own hummus recipe down to the smallest details. That is where the idea for Sunshine Hummus was born.