Burgers from Byron Burgers at London Designer Outlet in Wembley Park

Byron Burgers in Wembley Park

Please note, Byron Burgers in Wembley Park is temporarily closed.

If you’re crazy about burgers, but you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated for dinner, then Byron Burgers is the place for you. Though the dining may be casual, the burgers certainly aren’t! And you can sample their gourmet menu on Level 2 of the London Designer Outlet.

Byron Burger’s philosophy is simple; they want you to ‘eat burgers and have fun’. And the team at Byron’s pride themselves on serving proper handcrafted burgers, usually featuring their famous big beefy patty.

But if beef isn’t your thing, that’s OK too. The menu also offers a range of chicken or plant-based burgers, which can be served alongside a whole host of delicious sides, shakes and craft beers.

Their sides include everything from traditional fries and onion rings to chicken bites or cauli nuggets. They also cater for a range of dietary requirements, including vegetarian and vegan options of their burgers, sides and even shakes.

Byron Burgers top choices

Byron offers an incredible range of burgers, packed with favour and each handcrafted with love. Whether you want something spicy, smokey, veggie or cheesy, there is something to suit every mood. Some of the top choices include:

  • Chilli beef burger with American cheese and chipotle
  • The Smokey burger with smokey pancetta and smoked chilli BBQ sauce
  • The vegan truffler burger with a Beyond Meat patty
  • Halloumi fries with smoked chilli BBQ sauce
  • Salted caramel milkshake

History of Byron Burgers

Byron Burgers was founded by Tom Byng in 2007. He started the hugely successful burger group, having eaten more than 1,000 burgers himself in pursuit of the perfect taste. Investors of the brand have included Gondola (owners of Pizza Express), though Tom remains a huge part of the company to this day.

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    Temporarily closed

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    London Designer Outlet
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